How is Your Organisation Feeling?

Understand the mental health of your workforce in real-time

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An organisation can expect a return-on-investment of $2.30 for every $1.00 it invests in creating a mentally healthy workplace1

1 “Creating a mentally healthy workplace”, PWC 2014

“How is your organisation Feeling?” is a custom-built application for smart devices that tracks the emotional wellbeing and mental health of its users.

The true power of the app is when it combines real-time emotional information against a wide range of data about the user’s activities. It’s not just about understanding what your staff are feeling, but when and how.

How is the World Feeling? - Mockup
How is the World Feeling? - Mockup
How is the World Feeling? - Mockup


Built on the powerful and reliable framework behind Australia’s largest mental health survey.


Fully customisable for a range of environments and reporting needs.


Anonymous data collection to ensure privacy whilst also encouraging honest usage.

Demographic Data

Personal information about the user asked once on download of the app.
Eg: Gender, age, profession, etc.

Emotional Tracking

Emotions and their intensity submitted by the user throughout the app deployment period.

Activity Tracking

Corresponding timecodes and activity undertaken when emotions are logged.

Example Output

Male staff, between the ages of 20-35, at a particular office site, are most anxious between the hours of 9am-10am on Monday & Tuesday mornings

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Untreated mental illness costs Australian business $5.9B annually.2

Mental illness covers an enormous range of symptoms and conditions - even mild forms depression or anxiety can have a substantial impact on productivity.

2. ABS, 2007.


We curate an app and experience just for you


We build a bespoke app to gather the data most relevent to you and your organisation.


We support you at all stages of deployment including staff training, dashboard management and technical support.


In conjunction with researchers at ANU, we compile detailed reports - deeply analysing the data captured.

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